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  • Select a topic which is prior to you and interest you the most. As a social science student I would like to write my essay on a social issue “poverty” which is a major social issue in the developing states.
  • After selecting the topic, narrow down your focus by researching on the scope of the topic. I typed poverty in the search box and thousands of websites answered to my keyword. I prefer reading the ‘problems caused by poverty’ this is how I managed to put my focus by narrowing the research.
  • Research well using different sources, as I have the King source of searching in my hands I used pdf files and books to search for my topic which was “problems caused by poverty”
  • After having an authentic scholar’s work on the consequences of poverty and a book on poverty and its related social problems, I thought it would be enough for write my essay on 300 word essay
  • Read and Think by analyzing the facts. I read the pdf file and the book’s summary and overview in detail. I preferred reading the whole book but I have only an hour left to write my essay so I started by generally describing what poverty is and how it occurs in a society.
  • While write my essay, write the body first to have the arguments stated first. I did the same. I gathered the arguments on poverty and its related problems. I write my essay argument separately in separate paragraphs. I was glad to see that I have found 5 major arguments on my topic
  • Construct the conclusion by concluding the arguments. I followed the same instruction. I concluded to write my essay and my arguments using different arrangement of words.
  • Write an introduction which draws attention of the reader. I started with generally describing poverty and describing its after myths in developing countries. I write my essay thesis statement just above the introduction part
  • Proofread your first draft and omit all the errors whether they are grammatical or punctuation. I did the proofreading thing and figured out my mistakes without putting much effort.
  • Write your final draft and check the fluency of paragraphs. I did the fluency check in my first draft and arranged the paragraphs according to inverted pyramid style.
  • Refer the sources being used. I referred the sources in Harvard style which was easy yet professional style of referencing

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